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Monday, January 4, 2021

Jack Irish (Acorn TV) *****


Three movies and two seasons streaming on Acorn TV

JACK IRISH is probably the best show Amy and I enjoyed in 2020. 

You've never seen pretty boy Aussie actor Guy Pearce like this before - he's an anti-hero in the mold of Philip Marlowe as played by Elliott Gould (or James Garner in his Jim Rockford persona). And funny! Based on the books by Peter Temple but even better as adapted for the screen for Acorn TV in 3 telemovies (based on the first 3 Jack Irish novels: BAD DEBT, BLACK TIDE and DEAD POINT) and 2 TV series (Season 1 based on plot elements of the late Peter Temple's final Jack Irish book, WHITE DOG, Season 2 an original, standalone screenplay), with a great supporting cast, including the old codgers in the Fitzroy Football Youth Club, Marta Dusseldorp (PLACES TO CALL HOME, JANET KING) as Jack's Sheila love interest Linda Hillier, Bob Hoskins clone Ray Billings as racetrack gambler "Harry Strang," Aborigine actor Aaron Pederson (MYSTERY ROAD) as Harry's sidekick muscle "Cam" and Shane Jacobsen as Jack's belching-farting-junk food-binging detective pal Barry Tregear! 

Jack's 1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk

A third season is promised, and it can't be too soon. Jack Irish is perhaps the coolest antihero lawyer-detective-gambler-debt collector-cabinet maker-Aussie Rules football club supporter in history. And did I mention he also has a cool ride - a 1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk? Oh, and he's not Irish! He's the great-grandson of I. Reich, a German-Jewish immigrant to the Down Under. All the more Oy to the World! Watch it, it's great!


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